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A new lease of life after a residential home’s refurshment is complete

August 20 2017

As the saying goes ‘There’s nowhere like home’. For the people that live at Livability’s Oakview residential home in Aberystwyth, a refurbishment has given way to a completely new environment with greater possibilities.

We all have lived in this house for approximately 30 years!

However, for three months we went to live in holiday cottages in Aberystwyth while our home was being refurbished! It was great as it felt like we were on “holiday”!

While we were gone, look at what happened to our home:

We have had a new bathroom

The residents feel happier in their home environment because their home for 30 years has been modernised but still very recognisable! They are pleased no walls have been knocked down! They feel everything is brighter and fresher and homely! Before refurbishments their rooms had needed painting and the bathroom was not as accessible to them as they would have liked.

The people we support had input in choosing the flooring and the paint colours for their rooms. They are slowing buying decorative items for their lounge. LM has bought some new cushions for the sofas.

The new bathroom means the two ladies can shower safely and no longer need to use the bath hoist.

All three resident’s like using the quote” There is nowhere like home!”

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